House Party

Affordable Housing is Here – but the catch is no parties

You may have read the recent stuff article about an affordable homes development which has implemented a body corporate rule prohibiting more than 12 visitors to a property at a time, also known as a “no parties” rule.  This is an attempt to provide an harmonious community and minimise noise complaints.  However under the Unit Titles Act 2010 there are limits on rules which body corporates can implement and rules such as this can be open to challenge.  The better position is to deal with the effects ie no disturbing noise rather than more arbitrary rules.  Do 12 quiet people attending a property for a silent meditation session make more noise than 11 drunken students celebrating end of exams?  Probably not.  We are seeing frequent challenges to rules which individuals see as unfairly constraining their right to enjoy their home (providing they are not disturbing others.

Affordable housing is here, but there’s a catch: no parties allowed |

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